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Investing In The Future

How much savings is enough is a matter for debate, but most households would likely benefit from building a little nest egg.

It’s never too early to plan for retirement or your child’s education. Let us help you invest for your future.

Share Certificates - Current Rates»
You choose the term, and we will provide you with a highly competitive, fixed interest rate. Dividends are paid monthly.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) - Current Rates»
DCCU offers retirement account options. Regardless of which one you choose, they help you save for your retirement or your child’s education and earn a competitive rate on your investment. In order to benefit from the tax advantages, these accounts have predefined contributions and distribution rules and guidelines that must be followed. Consult with your tax advisor for guidance on which type of IRA may best suit your needs.

Traditional IRA - Current Rates»
The tax-deferred earnings and tax-deductible contributions make this a very popular retirement plan. Choose 12- to 36-month certificates at competitive rates.

Roth IRA - Current Rates»
Unlike the Traditional IRA, contributions to the Roth are not tax-deductible. Withdrawals and dividends are tax-free as long as the established guidelines of the plan are followed. Choose 12- to 36-month share certificates at competitive rates.

Coverdell ESA (Education Savings Account) - Current Rates»
Seeing a child get a good education is every parent’s dream, but you may be wondering how you will pay for rising elementary, high school, and college education costs. A Coverdell ESA, formerly known as an Education IRA, may be your answer. Although contributions are not tax-deductible, withdrawals (including earnings) are tax-free and penalty-free if used for qualified education expenses. These expenses may include tuition, fees, books, supplies, equipment, and in some cases, room and board, and computers. And, unlike Section 529 college savings plans, the Coverdell ESA can be used for qualified elementary and high school expenses at most public, private, and parochial schools. Choose 12- to 36-month certificates at competitive rates.

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